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01 May


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Welcome to my Blog

May 1, 2010 | By | No Comments

I guess it’s time I start my own blog.  Certainly there are several blogs that I keep tabs on, and I hope that mine will have some value for you.  I am NOT a professional writer, so I will be using my conversational, casual style – journalism majors avert your eyes!

I spent this last week in Dallas in meetings with my Heartland Technology Group peers.  HTG is a group of 250 IT companies from across the US, Canada, UK and Australia.  We break into groups of 12 non-competitive companies, and we serve as each other’s Board of Directors.  We meet for two full days each quarter, and this was my 6th quarter of participation.

I must say, this experience has been life-changing.  Rather than being a business owner out on an island, I have 11 great friends that know exactly the challenges that I face every day.  We share best practices, help each other with challenges, and give unselfishly to each other in the spirit of the Go-Giver (more on that another day).  Finally, we hold each other accountable to set and meet our goals.

HTG sees to it that we have not just a vision and business plan, but all 4 plans necessary for a successful life:  A Life plan, a Business Plan, a Leadership Plan and a Legacy Plan.  I’ve benefitted more from my peers than I can put into words.  If you feel alone out there running your business, search out a peer group or simply another business owner.  I’m happy to help or answer questions.  We’re all in this together!


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