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31 Aug


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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), Facebook Statistics

August 31, 2012 | By | No Comments

The lead article this month is about “BYOD” or allowing users to Bring Your Own Device to the company network.   Properly managed, BYOD can bring significant cost savings while allowing each user to choose the device they prefer.   AltiGen’s MaxMobile app is a key component for BYOD.  This allows an employee to use their personal cell phone, but giving your clients a company-owned phone number.   All calls go through the company phone system, so they can be re-routed, recorded, reported on, etc.  The employee has the full power of the business phone system, with the ability to transfer a call from their cell directly to another extension, conference calls, music on hold, call recording, etc.  They can also see who’s on the phone and their status, right on the smart phone.  Ask for a demo of this amazing product!

Speaking of smartphones, the chatter has increased significantly in the past few weeks about viruses targeting Android phones.  Just this week, an outbreak in China affected over 500,000 phones.  Most android attacks are still social-engineering based, meaning that the user installs the infected app.  Sometimes they are tricked, often times they are installing an app from an unreliable source.  For this reason, I’ve resisted anti-virus for my phone, but at this point it seems inevitable.  I’ve been testing an app on my phone, and it’s probably time for everyone with an Android phone to consider anti-virus.  The good news is, many AV apps include other features such as lost phone finders, remote wipe and other security measures, backup and privacy enhancements.  Let us know if you would like more information.

I’m sure you’ve seen the scams on Facebook “Find out who’s stalking your profile” and of course those apps aren’t real.  However, I have found a very insightful analytics tool from Wolfram Alpha.  This tool will analyze your friends and posts, and gives a very detailed report.  Follow the read more link for more!

To run the free app, visit and search for “Facebook Report”.  Some of my favorite information:  Word frequencies (with a cool word cloud – see below), Top Commenters, Most Liked Post, Most Commented Post, LOTS of friend demographics, etc.  If you use your Facebook profile for business, you can use this app to really tune your message.words

28 Oct


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October 28, 2010 | By | No Comments

Most people I know today are frustrated with communication overload.  Not only do we have different phone numbers and voicemail boxes to manage, but we have to keep track of multiple numbers for all of our contacts as well.  Most people also believe in the “Star-Trek” future – ultimately we will all have one mobile device for all communication.  Well with AltiGen, the future is now!

Our MaxMobile smartphone application enables your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone to become your office extension, either at will, or FULL TIME!  That’s right, no more phone on your desk.  On the app, you can place calls on hold, transfer to another extension, record the call, conference call, etc.  All of your business features on your cell!  You can see what extensions are busy or available, and their “presence” such as Out to Lunch, Personal Time Off, Sick Day, Meeting, etc.   This app has been available for several months and has been well received by our clients.  We have just deployed our first phone system that is entirely virtual – ALL extensions are cell phones, no hard phones anywhere!  Imagine the cost savings on a new phone system if you eliminate all the phones – and leverage the investment you have already made in smartphones for your mobile employees.

Imagine the productivity boost for your mobile employees, who can now be available from anywhere, anytime with no hassles!  Don’t want your phone to ring at 8 pm on Friday night?  Simply hit the DND button or log out and calls will go to voicemail.   Further, when you make a call using the app, the caller ID is sent from your company –the cell phone number is not exposed.  Directing callers to your office number or DID will ensure that all calls are logged in our call detail reporting (CDR) database.  Calls can easily be re-routed to another employee during vacations, sick leave, or termination.

Because we know that you will still want access to a full duplex speaker phone, and need to be able to charge your phone easily, AltiGen has just announced our smart phone docking stations.  These docking stations will be available early next year.  Along with the speaker phone and charging, you will have access to headset ports and USB connections.  Another model will add a traditional display and dialpad as well (see below).

AltiGen is the leader by a mile right now in mobility in our industry.   While other systems offer “twinning” or “call forwarding”, just as AltiGen has done in the past, you have to configure and manage this function, and it’s just not the same.  Further, those features still require a traditional phone on your desk.  Only AltiGen can provide a fully capable business extension directly on your cell phone.  If your company is not ready to replace your entire phone system, in most cases we can connect to your existing PBX an extend our mobile capabilities to your system.   Please call for more information and a hands-on demonstration!