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30 May


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May 2014

May 30, 2014 | By | No Comments

Are you leveraging social media for your business? Along with this monthly newsletter, I maintain a company facebook page and twitter account. I try to make a relevant post every couple of days. This keeps us engaged and top of mind with our clients. I got a call out of the blue last week from the Kansas City Star, who noticed one of my timely tweets and interviewed me for a short article! It’s easy and it works.

You’ll notice on my regular tweets and posts, as well as the newsletter below, that very little of the content is my own. I certainly do provide my own content from time to time, especially in this monthly blog post. However, I am too busy to prepare an entire newsletter or regular technology posts on my own. I can prove with many years worth of history, that if I tried to bite off that much work, nothing would get sent out. I am able to share good content from others with just a few clicks. I have several sources for that content:
• Industry partners (you’ll note articles in my newsletter from Microsoft, Lenovo, Cisco, HP, etc.)
• Subscriptions (There is an industry group that has a searchable content database that I subscribe to, so I can quickly provide articles on specific topics)
• My own surfing – I read many other blogs and IT news sites for my own benefit, and often share from those
• Peers – Every day I see posts in my feed from other IT professionals that are great. We all borrow from each other from time to time

I don’t get a lot of feedback from these posts, but don’t get discouraged. The point is to keep our name out there, so many will see the post and move on. That’s fine! I do hear from many of you that enjoy the newsletter. However, providing the relevant content will pay off in time, just as this news article came along for me.

The news article was about the ebay password breech, and the interview and article tied in nicely with last month’s blog post about passwords. You can read the article at the Kansas City Star.

I do use a couple of tools that help. Constant Contact manages the mailing list and sends out my newsletter each month. Can you believe some people do unsubscribe from my list? Well, at least I don’t have to manage that as Constant Contact does it for me. Sendible allows me to share content on Facebook and Twitter at the same time. I also link all of my monthly newsletter blog entries to my blog on WordPress for extra exposure. Let me know how I can help!

01 Oct


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Sept 2013 – Sue’s 10th Anniversary

October 1, 2013 | By | No Comments

With great pride, I presented an award to Sue Balas this month for her 10th anniversary with the company. Sue does all of our accounting and has been a blessing for our company. She is an amazing mother and I’m happy that she shares some of her time with us as well. Next month, she and her husband Tom will be headed to Key West for a weekend getaway courtesy of Network Innovations – a well-deserved reward! Congratulations Sue!
A great staff is the hallmark of any successful company, and I’m very proud of ours. Our small staff of 8 has a combined 77 years working for Network Innovations. I’ve been very lucky that these great people have come and chosen to stay!

24 Mar


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Thinkpads in Space!

March 24, 2011 | By | No Comments

The Space Shuttle Discovery lifted off today for the last time. A liftoff always brings out the space geek in me – I attended a 10 day session of Space Camp in Huntsville, AL when I was 14 years old, just a couple of years after the movie was released. I hate to see the shuttle program winding down. Many important lifestyle advances we enjoy came directly out of the space program. For example, things such as kidney dialysis and the new artificial heart have been based on technology found in space shuttles. These items have saved many lives. Of course we have enjoyed immeasurable benefits from improved weather prediction, environmental monitoring, communication, and other technological advances. I’m not sure I could find my way from home to the office anymore without GPS!
On board the shuttle today are a host of Lenovo ThinkPad notebooks. In fact, ThinkPad notebooks have been involved in every NASA Shuttle space flight since STS-67 in 1995 beginning with the ThinkPad 755. ThinkPad notebooks have also been utilized onboard the International Space Station (ISS) since the 2A mission in 1998 (to present day). In fact, Lenovo ThinkPads are the only laptop certified for use on the shuttle or space station!
I’ve long believed that Lenovo Thinkpads were the most rugged, best performing business laptops available, and I’m glad to see that NASA agrees. Yesterday, Lenovo announced a new series of laptops that will be available in March. Lenovo is always the innovator, and these new models are no disappointment. We’re talking 30 hour battery life, instant boot and Turbo Boost! The new T420s will be my new laptop the day they are available (under 4 pounds, 14” wide screen, DVD-RW, 6 hour battery life, fastest notebook available).
If you haven’t checked out Lenovo, give us a call!thinkpads