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20 Jul


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Summer Vacations

July 20, 2012 | By | No Comments

Well we just wrapped up another strong quarter, we’ve been very busy and I hope that your business has as well.  Everyone is right in the middle of vacation mode which makes life interesting.  Have you taken a vacation yet?  Investing in yourself and your family should be a top priority!  It’s worth every penny.

I came back from our vacation recharged and ready to change the world again!  My oldest daughter competed in the Junior Olympics for Tumbling & Trampoline, so we headed out to Long Beach CA, and afterwards spent a few days sitting around Huntington Beach.

I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with eye strain and dry eyes when I work at my desk.  I’m testing out some new glasses designed to help.  Early results are good as I’ve used them for about a week now.  I’ll include a full review in next month’s newsletter.

We’re working on some exciting new things with AltiGen that I should be able to share soon.

27 Apr


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Cloud & AltiGen Small Business Bundle!

April 27, 2012 | By | No Comments

What a crazy, busy year it’s been!  We just wrapped up a strong Q1 and I hope you did as well.  Lots of activity as companies are once again investing in the future.

AltiGen has released a new small business bundle for companies with 24 phones and less.  They’ve put a KILLER price on it, and all of our features are included – smartphone integration, exchange integration, softphone (use your laptop with a headset for your phone), and software clients.  Ask me for more information.

One thing we’ve been busy with is helping companies integrate the “cloud” into their business.  Since both on-premise technology and hosted technology each carries a host of pros and cons, most companies end up with a blend.   It takes some work to find the right mix for your company – but done properly it will pay off in the end.  This is an important piece as more employees work while outside the office  – especially on mobile devices such as tablets and cell phones.  Let us help you figure out the right strategy!

Don’t forget to like our facebook page at ! If you like our newsletter articles, you will find other great articles about technology and improving your business as I find them.   You’ll also find alerts and information that won’t keep for a monthly newsletter.

29 Nov


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Happy Thanksgiving!

November 29, 2011 | By | No Comments

Happy Thanksgiving!   I hope that you enjoyed some time with family and friends.   At Network Innovations, we have so much to be thankful for this year!  We are especially thankful that we get to spend our days as part of your team, supporting your mission.  We are proud that you place your trust and confidence in us.

I saw an interesting article today out of the Gartner Data Center & IT Operations Summit 2011 in London.  During a best practices session, Gartner Research VP Rakesh Kumar pointed out that building out your own infrastructure is less expensive than using a hosted service.  In fact, Gartner estimates the cost of hosting will double every two years!  The common perception today is that hosted services are less expensive that building your own infrastructure, but that’s not usually the case.  Look for more information to come from Gartner on this as the week goes on.

imag0359The iFusion phone is here!  AltiGen is now shipping our iPhone docking station.  This gives you access to a full duplex speakerphone & handset, charges your phone, syncs your phone if desired, and you can also play music from your iTunes through the speakerphone!  There are connections for headsets and external speakers.  This docking station is incredible when paired with AltiGen’s MaxMobile softphone app- you no longer need a desk phone!  However, the docking station works the same even if you don’t have an AltiGen PBX – you can use it at home or anywhere you want.  If you would like to try one out, let me know.

Please note that due to severe monsoon flooding in Thailand, hard drive supply has been affected.  Shortages are expected at some point, probably late this quarter running into the first half of 2012.  While there aren’t any shortages today, pricing has been VERY volatile and speculation has driven up pricing.  If you have any questions, let me know!

28 Oct


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October 28, 2010 | By | No Comments

Most people I know today are frustrated with communication overload.  Not only do we have different phone numbers and voicemail boxes to manage, but we have to keep track of multiple numbers for all of our contacts as well.  Most people also believe in the “Star-Trek” future – ultimately we will all have one mobile device for all communication.  Well with AltiGen, the future is now!

Our MaxMobile smartphone application enables your iPhone, Blackberry or Android phone to become your office extension, either at will, or FULL TIME!  That’s right, no more phone on your desk.  On the app, you can place calls on hold, transfer to another extension, record the call, conference call, etc.  All of your business features on your cell!  You can see what extensions are busy or available, and their “presence” such as Out to Lunch, Personal Time Off, Sick Day, Meeting, etc.   This app has been available for several months and has been well received by our clients.  We have just deployed our first phone system that is entirely virtual – ALL extensions are cell phones, no hard phones anywhere!  Imagine the cost savings on a new phone system if you eliminate all the phones – and leverage the investment you have already made in smartphones for your mobile employees.

Imagine the productivity boost for your mobile employees, who can now be available from anywhere, anytime with no hassles!  Don’t want your phone to ring at 8 pm on Friday night?  Simply hit the DND button or log out and calls will go to voicemail.   Further, when you make a call using the app, the caller ID is sent from your company –the cell phone number is not exposed.  Directing callers to your office number or DID will ensure that all calls are logged in our call detail reporting (CDR) database.  Calls can easily be re-routed to another employee during vacations, sick leave, or termination.

Because we know that you will still want access to a full duplex speaker phone, and need to be able to charge your phone easily, AltiGen has just announced our smart phone docking stations.  These docking stations will be available early next year.  Along with the speaker phone and charging, you will have access to headset ports and USB connections.  Another model will add a traditional display and dialpad as well (see below).

AltiGen is the leader by a mile right now in mobility in our industry.   While other systems offer “twinning” or “call forwarding”, just as AltiGen has done in the past, you have to configure and manage this function, and it’s just not the same.  Further, those features still require a traditional phone on your desk.  Only AltiGen can provide a fully capable business extension directly on your cell phone.  If your company is not ready to replace your entire phone system, in most cases we can connect to your existing PBX an extend our mobile capabilities to your system.   Please call for more information and a hands-on demonstration!