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AltiGen SIP Trunk Service

Reliable Business-Class VoIP Service for IP-PBX and Contact Center

AltiGen’s SIP Trunk Service is an enterprise grade VoIP service optimized for AltiGen’s MaxCS Private Cloud and On Premise IP PBX and Contact Center solutions. Leveraging state-of-the-art intelligent call routing and interconnecting with global Tier 1 carriers, AltiGen’s SIP Trunk Service delivers high quality voice calls at highly competitive rates.


AltiGen SIP Trunk Service Highlights

  • Optimized for AltiGen’s MaxCS platform
  • Cost effective SIP minute bundles
  • Minutes are shareable among employees
  • No restrictions on number of call paths (concurrent calls)
  • Utilizes global Tier 1 carrier networks

Supported AltiGen Products and Services

  • MaxCS Private Cloud
  • MaxCS All Software On Premise solution
  • Hardware Platforms
  • Max1000, Max2000 and Office 3G

Fast Service Delivery

Same Day SIP Trunk Service

AltiGen’s SIP Trunk Service is powered by SIPTrunk Inc., a strategic partner who has deployed a geo-redundant N+1 network across three different points of presence (PoPs) to ensure uptime and service availability. AltiGen has worked closely with SIPTrunk Inc. to fully integrate our systems to enable fast SIP Trunk service delivery, real-time DID number selection and rapid number porting. Through AltiGen’s Cloud Services Portal, authorized partners are able to help their customers efficiently order and manage SIP Trunk services.

Benefits for AltiGen Customers

  • Save 30%-50% Over Traditional PSTN service
  • No restrictions on sharing minutes or number of call paths
  • On-demand DID Number Selection
  • Fast and Efficient Number Porting
  • Works with AltiGen’s Cloud and On Premise solutions