March 2014
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The True Value of the Remote Worker
Increase Your Network Security
Clean out your inbox with improved Sweep and Search
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Business Continuity Tip

Mobile Cybercrime

With the recent uptick of in-store data-breaches, it's important to also remember the vulnerabilities associated with mobile devices, and social media platforms.

According to Nortonís Cybercrime Report, 1 in 4 adults have been a victim of mobile and social cybercrime. So what can we do to protect our mobile devices and guard our personal information?

♦ Regularly update your operating system for security patches.
♦ When you enter a website (especially financial) make sure that "https" appears in the address bar, which means connection is secure.
♦Turn the Bluetooth function off after using it. It is another way unknown applications or viruses can access your cell phone.
♦ Know how to perform a remote wipe to remove data from your device if lost or stolen.


 Laugh a Little


 Quote of the Month

Clear thinking requires courage
rather than intelligence.

Thomas Szasz

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Brian's Blog
by Brian Gregory, President

I think Spring might be coming. Got a glimpse of it this weekend! Iím excited about the forecast this week Ė Iím not sure how many would agree with me, but I just love a good spring day-time thunderstorm. Dark outside with rumbles of thunder and the rain pouring down Ė of course itís like snow, the first one or two are fun, and then Iím ready to move on.

Donít forget that Microsoft ends support for Windows XP next week. Despite what some are reporting, there has been no meaningful extension of support. They have agreed to extend malware updates for 1 year, but that is only one small piece of the puzzle, and certainly itís intended to help home users buy a little more time. There is no justification for using XP in a business setting any longer, and we havenít come across any compatibility situation that could not be addressed.

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Business Referral Program

Send your referrals to
or e-mail

Your personal referrals are the greatest compliment we can receive. Referrals are one of the primary reasons we have been successful for over 20 years. Our business referral program thanks you for assisting us in finding new clients in need of IT resources. If one of your referrals engages with us for projects or services, you may be eligible to receive a $50 Visa gift card. For more information, visit or give us a call!

The True Value of the Remote Worker
used with permission from MSFT for Work

A recent survey revealed more creative professionals work outside the office today than three years ago. The demand for mobile work environments is widespread among todayís workforceónot just creatives. Some companies are embracing this trend, as it gives them access to a wider base of professionals without traditional geographical barriers.

As collaborative work tools continue to roll into the market and arrive in our workplaces, these requests and expectations will only continue to grow. Is your business ready to embrace this shift?

The Creative Group, a Silicon ValleyĖbased staffing company, led the study, conducting 400 phone interviews with advertising and marketing executives. Of those surveyed, 33 percent claimed the percentage of their creative staff working remotely has climbed higher than three years ago, 59 percent reported no change, and 4 percent said they had seen a decrease.

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Increase Your Network Security

Wireless networks are a gift to anyone seeking easy connectivity and a quick Wi-Fi connection. But don't forget that rushing through your network's setup can have security consequences later. Make sure you've addressed these areas, whether it's for your personal network at home or your business's.
  1. Change your access point or router's default username and password. Default usernames and passwords for most hardware and software can easily be found online.

Clean out your inbox with improved Sweep and Search
used with permission from Microsoft
by Mike Schackwitz

If youíre like the average customer, youíll receive over 10,000 personal emails over the next 12 months, and 80% of that will be the newsletters, offers and updates that often clutter your inbox. Thatís a lot of email to deal with. Itís why the team spends much of our energy on giving you tools that make it easy to get to the email you care about. We hear from a lot of you that you love the tools weíve built, like Sweep, that help address a lot of the commercial email. But we also hear, even among the savviest customers, that there are still a few tools and advanced features you havenít tried.

This Sunday kicks off the 7th annual National Clean Out Your Inbox Week, dedicated to de-cluttering and organizing your inbox. We thought it was a great time to give you a few tips and tricks to deal with all those emails, and to share some improvements we have rolling out in the coming weeks.

The seven tips below will help you get a cluttered and clunky inbox in tip-top shape.

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