July 2013
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Advance Preparation for Disaster
Storage Catches Up to the Data Explosion
Turn on Your Charm to Get Great Service
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Business Continuity Tip

Password Protection

While many organizations have these policies and procedures in place to protect themselves against hackers, the importance of using a strong password can easily be overlooked by executives and employees alike. To ensure compliance across the board, here are a few requirements you may want to consider adding to your network account settings.

  • Password Complexity - Set rules that ensure passwords are complex (i.e. contain one upper case letter, one number and must be a minimum of eight characters).
  • Lockout Policy - The ability to disable a user account if an incorrect password is entered a specified number of times (many organizations follow the '3 strikes and you’re out ' rule).
  • Password Age - Set guidelines that require employees to change their passwords regularly (every 60 to 90 days is good rule).
  • Reuse Limits - The ability to detect a certain number of old passwords preventing a user from reusing the same passwords over and over again.

Want to check the strength of your passwords? Try Microsoft's Password Checker. Remember: You're only as secure as your weakest password.


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Is freedom anything else than
the right to live as we wish?
Nothing else.


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Brian's Blog
by Brian Gregory, President

Introducing Chris Turner! Chris is our new Marketing and Service Coordinator. I’m sure you will be hearing from her soon, but feel free to give her a call at the office or send her an email at chris@netinn.com to say hello.

Chris is a highly experienced professional with a background in employee development, corporate communications, client experience, event planning and project management. She spent the last 16 years in the banking arena working with everything from sales and marketing to vendor management, risk management and client communications and strategies. Chris has experience with branch design, process redesign and quality control. She has several years of training and development experience and enjoys developing relationships with clients. When she is outside the office, Chris is very active in the Blue Valley School District and is also a volunteer for Girls on The Run Kansas City. Chris enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids as well as spending time with family and friends. In her spare time Chris enjoys running and is training for the Kansas City Half Marathon.

To wrap up our cloud discussion, let’s talk about Hybrid Cloud. This is of course the “best of all worlds” scenario of integrating local systems, private cloud and public cloud solutions as appropriate for each application. You’ve probably been using Hybrid cloud for years and didn’t even know it. Is your website hosted by an outside provider? And possibly your email? That’s hybrid cloud, and you were doing it before it was cool.

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Business Referral Program

Send your referrals to www.netinn.com/referral
or e-mail sales@netinn.com

Your personal referrals are the greatest compliment we can receive. Referrals are one of the primary reasons we have been successful for over 20 years. Our business referral program thanks you for assisting us in finding new clients in need of IT resources. If one of your referrals engages with us for projects or services, you may be eligible to receive a $50 Visa gift card. For more information, visit www.netinn.com/referral or give us a call!

Advance Preparation for Disaster is a Must for Every Small Business
used with permission from Norton by Symantec
by Marian Merritt

Small businesses are the economic backbone of this country. Yet, in the aftermath of manmade or natural disasters, an astounding 40% of small businesses never reopen. It doesn’t have to be this way; with preparation, organization and practice, owners and employees of small businesses can secure their future, despite what may come their way. In this 50th year of National Small Business Week, it’s the right time to put your plan together and into practice. The tips and advice here and at the websites I link to are also terrific resources and ideas for your home life, to make sure your family is safe and your important personal information secured.

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Storage Catches Up to the Data Explosion
used with permission from IBM ForwardView

We have become flush with data very quickly. In the past two years alone, the world has generated 90 percent of the data in existence today. And in that short period of time, our ability to analyze this information has streamlined operations, reduced fraud and predicted consumer behavior. Large and small companies alike are experiencing an increase in the volume of data coming into the organization and are eager to leverage the subsequent insight to make smarter, more informed business decisions.

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Turn On Your Charm to Get Great Service
by Debra J. Schmidt

Have you ever noticed that some people seem to get great service everywhere they go? This isn't just plain luck. It's the result of having the ability to turn on their charm. If you want to receive good service, you need to be pleasant and charming to the service provider. Turning on your charm will make the other person feel appreciated and want to give you more.

Graciousness and charm are the keys to being treated well. Most service providers are grateful when their customers have treated them with kindness. The easiest way to get what you want is to make a pleasant request and deliver it with a sincere smile. Manners are also very important. You’ll be more likely to have your requests met when you use the word “please” along with a gracious smile, eye contact, and a warm tone of voice.

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