April 2013
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Data Growing Pains?
Spring Cleaning?
What to Do If You're a Victim
Business Continuity Tip
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Business Continuity Tip

Stay Afloat

The Midwest was hammered with yet another snow storm recently. And with winter weather on everyone’s mind, it’s hard to believe that it's officially spring.

As the snow melts and temperatures rise, flooding becomes a major issue in many parts of the country. According to FEMA, floods are one of the most common and expensive natural disasters. All it takes is a few inches of water to cause thousands of dollars of damage. So what can you do to protect yourself, your family and your business? Check out Agility Recovery's Flood Preparedness Checklist and Ready.Gov's Flood Awareness page.


 Laugh a Little

 Quote of the Month

No winter lasts forever;
no spring skips its turn.

Hal Borland

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Brian's Blog
by Brian Gregory, President

Wow, April is the most interesting winter we’ve had in awhile LOL. Tomorrow is May 1 and as I sit here with a sunburn from the weekend, snow is again in the forecast for Kansas City. I can’t wait to turn the page on the cold weather and get the garden planted!

Probably the most common questions I get today are about the “cloud”. I’ll cover the cloud in detail over the next few newsletters and in our upcoming summer lunch & learn. The most important thing to know is that we understand the cloud, and we can help you figure out what parts of the cloud make sense for your business. It’s not a one size fits all solution! Check out this recent article from Forbes Magazine.

How are you backing up? You’ve probably heard about our server based Business Continuity Backups, or BDRs (Backup & Disaster Recovery). We’ve got a new model out that should put the final nail in the coffin for other methods. If you are using tape, USB Hard Drives or some faceless website to backup, you have too much risk. Give me a call and I’ll talk to you about the options for fully managed backups that we believe in.

For more of my rambling thoughts, check out my blog.

Data growing pains?
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

Virtualization. Like other technology buzzwords, some users work this term into business conversations without really understanding its meaning or how its strategic application can streamline operational efficiencies, improve resource allocation, enhance network security and reduce costs.

It’s worth learning. Careful evaluation of existing non-virtualized environments is the most vital first step toward choosing the best virtual server and storage solutions for any given environment. This evaluation should be done with an eye on present and anticipated computing and power requirements, as well as the number of existing and future users.

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Spring cleaning? Don't forget your PC
used with permission from HP Technology at Work

With the hint of spring in the air, your energy level is up and so is your productivity. You’re on a roll at work and suddenly—it starts freezing. And we’re not talking about the weather.

PC users have at least one thing in common—we’ve all experienced the distracting error messages, load time lagging, buzzing and whirring that alert us to double-check our backup system just in case the dreaded “blue screen of death” appears. While these signs don’t necessarily mean your PC is going to quit on you anytime soon, they are symptoms of a straining hard drive and an overworked machine.

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What to Do If You're a Victim
used with permission from Norton by Symantec


There is a nonstop flood of Trojan horses, bots, and phishing attacks assaulting the Internet every day. Crimeware attacks and identity theft can happen to anyone. If you believe you have been a victim of crimeware or online fraud, there are a series of steps you can take in each instance to respond to and recover from the incident.

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