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20 Mar


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February 2012, Do you like me?

March 20, 2012 | By | No Comments

In honor of Valentine’s Day, I will ask:  Do you like me?  Please like our facebook page at or our twitter account at  If you like our newsletter articles, you will find other great articles about technology and improving your business as I find them.   You’ll also find alerts and information that won’t keep for a monthly newsletter.doyoulike1


Toll Fraud is on the rise in 2012!  Toll fraud occurs when someone hacks your voicemail password, and then uses that access to make long distance phone calls from your company phone system.  We didn’t see any toll fraud issues within our client base in 2011, and we’ve seen 4 in 2012!  In most cases, the hacking is done by “brute force” with an automated system that just repeatedly dials and attempts to access voicemail until a password works.  There are many ways to reduce your risk, I will list several below.  Let me know if you would like our assistance in securing or auditing your system.

  • Use longer passwords, 5-6 digits if possible
  • Use complex passwords (don’t use the default password you were assigned, your extension number, phone number or address)
  • Delete unused extensions
  • Disable voicemail and/or calling from voicemail for extensions that don’t need it
  • Disable international calling both on the system itself and with your carrier unless required


I should have exciting updates on the AltiGen phone system next month – our dealer council meeting at AltiGen HQ is the first week of March.  Once again Network Innovations is proud to be among AltiGen’s top 3 dealers.  I have served for many years on AltiGen’s Dealer Council, and appreciate AltiGen’s willingness to allow me to help shape the future of such a great system.  I’ll be planning our annual user group meeting when I return, I hope to see you there!

Last month I promised a few more Google search tips, here goes:

  • Explicit Phrase – enclose your search phrase in quotations to only find results with that exact phrase in the same order.  i.e “AltiGen Olathe”
  • Convert units of measure – search for a phrase such as “cups in a pint” or “31 kilometers in miles” (quotes not needed in the actual search).  Instant results!
  • Google is a calculator!  Enter an equation for your search term and instantly get the result.  i.e. 45% of 39, 9*5, etc.  Read more about operators in the Google Guide:  I will include even more next month!


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