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Case Studies

American Cancer Society

The AltiGen solution was ideal in meeting American Cancer Society’s infrastructure, self-maintenance and business telephone system feature requirements. Today, the Heartland division has 11 AltiGen systems installed across four states, supporting offices ranging in size from 2 to
well over 100 extensions. Six of the 11 sites utilize AltiGen’s T-1 technology to support high capacity access to the public telephone network. Every system, regardless of the size, is able to utilize AltiGen’s VoIP technology and ACS’s pre-existing data network to provide seamless integration with every other office location. All together, American Cancer Society’s AltiGen solution supports the voice traffic of nearly 450 extensions.

Case Study – American Cancer Society

Citizens Bank

“We are experiencing a night and day improvement between the struggles we had with our old traditional telephone systems and the ease of managing the new AltiGen system,” said Shannon Billinger, Citizens Bank’s network administrator. “I can now administer all sites myself from one office location instead of paying someone to go to each office location for onsite management. And the AltiGen system requires just a few mouse clicks to perform most moves, adds, and changes.”

Case Study – Citizens Bank

Consultants In Gastroenterology

The AltiGen solution was ideal in meeting Consultants in Gastroenterology’s infrastructure, self-maintenance and business telephone system feature requirements. Today, CIG has one large AltiGen system installed in their business office. They chose an AltiGen AltiServ OfficePlus server, with AltiServ Contact Center software for their patient care and scheduling workgroups. The server supports 48 analog extensions, 100 IP extensions, and 2 SBC PRI trunks, for a total of 46 trunk lines.

Case Study – Consultants in Gastroenterology

Craft Diston Industries

Network Innovations, had been assisting Craft Diston with their network administration, and introduced Craft Diston to the AltiGen Solution with the Distributed Intellegent Networking Architecture (DINA). AltiGen’s DINA provides an efficient, reliable, fault-tolerant solution for multi-site
communications. In the end, Craft Diston would be able to network, integrate, and unify their entire organization.

Case Study – Craft Diston Industries

First State Bank

“Our monthly phone costs decreased from $6,000 to $2,400 a month,” said Assistant VP of Information Systems Andrew Cooper. “The Altigen IP phone system and Network Innovations were the right fit for our institution, and from planning to installation and training, Network Innovations was there to help.”

Case Study – First State Bank

Gifford & Cox

“In addition to achieving our goal of unifying communications across locations, we utilized AltiGen’s call logging capabilities to increase our documented billable hours.” noted Gifford & Cox Partner, Kyle Gifford. “I am personally capturing 15-30 minutes of billable time each day that without a doubt I’ve been missing over the years. As a result all of our top people have been to significantly increase billable hours. From this benefit alone, we have been able to recoup our investment in the AltiGen platform in six months.”

Case Study – Gifford & Cox

Hutchinson Credit Union

Investigating IP telephony systems throughout 2003, Swarts compared solutions from Cisco Systems, Interactive Intelligence and AltiGen Communications. “We went to each vendor, attended Cisco classes, and even participated in Webinars,” Swarts recalls. “Even early in the testing process, the pattern became clear that in terms of a SIP [Session Initiation Protocol] based, lower-priced solution; AltiGen had what we really wanted out of a phone center.”

Case Study – Hutchinson Credit Union

Community Banks Trust Network Innovations

“We were growing and wanted all our locations to be able to dial any extensions in any branch, avoid long distance and to do all that using our cur- rent network. Our dependence on outside vendors, and the associated costs, has been reduced by over 80% since we implemented AltiGen.”

Community Banks Trust NII

CPAs Trust Network Innovations

“The AltiGen system has been a major aide in working with clients. First, every client call gets answered, because if the receptionist is handling a phone call, the system automatically turns it over to another person. Its like having 3 receptionists. Call can be handled efficiently with a couple of mouse clicks, whether calling, transferring or forwarding voicemail. We have matched ours with headsets, this allows us to continue to work on our computers. The MaxCommunicator client pops up whenever there is a phone call, and all the information you need is right there. Your hands are free to work on client needs. It puts us in a whole new quantum of service.”

CPAs Trust Network Innovations

The Network Innovations team came in and showed us what a phone system can really do for our company, and we have been amazed. Due to our inexperience, they walked us through in a phased approach to avoid overwhelming the users. New features have been added making us even more productive, and I am sure we will continue to use the system as a true business tool, not just a way to make phone calls.

- Mike Watts, FICOR