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March 2013 - Network Innovations

16 Mar


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March 2013

March 16, 2013 | By | No Comments

Thanks to all that came out for our Seminar at Bass Pro a couple of weeks ago! We had over 40 attendees and a great discussion!

Lots of talk about tablets, cell phones, and “BYOD” or “Bring Your Own Device”, the practice of allowing employees and/or clients to use their personal devices on your network. There are LOTS of advantages to BYOD, in particular convenience and cost savings, but MANY pitfalls as well – all dealing with security. If this is a challenge you are facing, let us help! There ARE answers out there!

One item we discussed where the interest surprised me was Xerox solid ink printers. These are phenomenal devices but I was blown away by the response. All Xerox solid ink printers are fast and print phenomenal documents. One big advantage is that the consumable is literally just a block of wax – a big crayon. There are no big toner cartridges to throw away (or save in a big stockpile) and no messy toner to spill and get all over your hands. They are super efficient with a low cost per page – but in particular, the 8870 model prints COLOR for the price of Black & White! That’s about 3 cents per page. I use one in my office and we love it. We don’t print a ton of color, but with this printer we don’t care if it’s color or black and white. Most color printers cost more like 20 cents per page and some are over 50 cents per page – those costs are eating at your bottom line. Even with our small print volume, this printer was worth the investment and will pay for itself quickly in consumable savings! Let me know if you would like to learn more.