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July 2012 - Network Innovations

20 Jul


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Summer Vacations

July 20, 2012 | By | No Comments

Well we just wrapped up another strong quarter, we’ve been very busy and I hope that your business has as well.  Everyone is right in the middle of vacation mode which makes life interesting.  Have you taken a vacation yet?  Investing in yourself and your family should be a top priority!  It’s worth every penny.

I came back from our vacation recharged and ready to change the world again!  My oldest daughter competed in the Junior Olympics for Tumbling & Trampoline, so we headed out to Long Beach CA, and afterwards spent a few days sitting around Huntington Beach.

I’ve had a lot of trouble lately with eye strain and dry eyes when I work at my desk.  I’m testing out some new glasses designed to help.  Early results are good as I’ve used them for about a week now.  I’ll include a full review in next month’s newsletter.

We’re working on some exciting new things with AltiGen that I should be able to share soon.